About Organization


           Smt. Eladevi Gurukul Education Trust was founded by Sh.Vijay agarwal, Sh.Birendra agarwal, Sh. Surendra agarwal, Sh.Shivhari agarwal in 1999 for charity in the sweet memory of their father Lt. Sh.jamanadhar agarwal(Tola). No doubt all four agarwal brothers with their mother Smt. Eladevi ji are serving society  in the  best manner.

The establishment of sh. Sohanlal jamanadhar agrawal(Tola) smriti Mahila Mahavidyalaya at sadulpur (Rajgarh) Churu,in the memory of their grandfather & Father is lively example of their positive & active efforts for upgradation of girls higher education especially in rural areas through which we can see real improvement in Indian Society.

            Honourable Birendra agarwal a man of varied human Qualities, wide experience, a successful Businessman, kind,liberal and Philanthropist, being busy in handling a big and internationally known business concern, is Always ready to provide time & wealth for this college’s  alround development.

            He has shown keen interest to support weaker section of the society so that it could avail valuebased & qualititative higher education. His mother honourable Smt. Eladevi Ji also helps college to maintain Excellency of education 

SJD Agrawal Tola Smriti Mahila College is a P.G. College, with a well trained and experienced staff. We will try our best to providing a positive environment where all students can learn, develop and mature while promoting self-esteem, responsibility, and respect for self as well as others. Today college is well known not only in Rajasthan but also beyond the Rajasthan.

             Under the influence of materialistic environment some parents might think that they can purchase education with the fees, but this is not true, we have taken responsibility of improving student's overall personality and not only just educational qualities.SJD Agrawal Tola Smriti Mahila PG College Sadulpur Churu has always expected the same kind of responsibility from the Parents. Parents should think like SJD Agrawal Tola Smriti Mahila PG College Sadulpur Churu.

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